This blog started as a rough road through a thorny avenue in my life during a time of intense trial and suffering.  It was God’s Word and the prayers of many that brought me great comfort and even joy.   I wrote a book about that journey titled, “On Loan from the Lord.”  It’s available on Amazon.  https://smile.amazon.com/Loan-Lord-Memoir-Ministry-Seibert/dp/1987436105/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=on+loan+from+the+lord&qid=1617391733&sr=8-1

The blog has since evolved as many encouraged me to continue to write.  It was not hard to convince me to a writing endeavor, since it has being something on my heart from childhood and into college.  After being saved God gave me a passion to study His Word, which began my studies at the Master’s University.  As I transitioned to writing devotionals, my own heart is encouraged by God’s Word and I am continuing to learn and grow.  This has been a blessing to me and has encouraged my own faith.  I are thankful for giving us your prayers and support!

Grace and peace,