Two Ingredients for a Plate Full of Wisdom

C2E1A10F-4856-4B84-8833-ED372FE03570“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” Proverbs 9:10

When I was little I was afraid of many things… nightmares plagued me and some nights I would crawl into my parent’s room and just want to sleep there, on the floor at the foot of their bed.  Something about their presence in the room gave me rest.

When most people think of fear they think of its most common definition which Merriam-Webster defines as “the unpleasant, often strong, emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.”  However, the definition of fear I think this verse refers to is listed third in Merriam-Webster’s book as the “profound reverence and awe especially toward God.” Granted, we could say that because God is so holy and we are wrought with sin, there is a sense of grave danger the moment we recognize the power of God almighty and our just penalty.  Moreover, once we come to the knowledge of the Holy One we see his abounding love and lavish grace and are moved from dread to awe at the lofty deity being so kind to us being so undeserving.

We are on the right road within the lane of the appropriate fear of the Lord.  Yet, we need to keep pressing forward and upward.  This is seeking after wisdom.  Do we revere and esteem the Lord highly? If so than we would value Him above all others…  This test was sobering for me as I took an inventory all the “others” I can place before my Savior.  He is worthy of all our affections; yet on the contrary, personally, my heart tends to get muddled with the cares for the things of this world.

The insight God gives us in His word here is a glorious gem.  Proverbs 9:10 says that knowledge of the Holy One is insight. Thank you Lord for this wisdom!  When the world around me grows dark and foggy and I find myself lost, at a dead end, like I can’t go any further alone… God sheds His marvelous light on my worn soul.

Turning from of our pre-conceived myopic notions of who God is and gazing at who our wonderful God truly is in His Word and deeds, gives us great understanding. “Character determines how a man interprets God’s will (Ps.18:25-26). Abraham interpreted God’s command to mean that he had to kill his son, and he could only leave this tradition behind by the pain of a tremendous ordeal.  God could purify his faith in no other way.  If we obey what God says according to our sincere belief, God will break us from those traditions that misrepresent Him.” (Oswald Chambers, My Upmost for His Highest) The truth of His blameless character is healing balm to our wounds.  May the revealing of His love illuminate and revive our souls for Christ.

Expert prayer from The Valley of Vision (Cry of a Convicted Sinner)

Heavenly Father, “Cut me not off before my thoughts grow to responses, and the budding of my soul into full flower, for thou are forbearing and good, patient and kind.  Save me from myself, from the artifices and deceits of sin, from the treachery of my perverse nature, from denying thy charge against my offences, from a life of continual rebellion against thee, from wrong principles, views, and ends… “ And “O, thou Father of my spirit, thou King of my life, cast me not into destruction, drive me not from thy presence but wound my heart that it may be healed; break it that thine own hand may make it whole.”


4 thoughts on “Two Ingredients for a Plate Full of Wisdom

    1. Thanks Margo! You are too kind! I’m striving… some days shine more than others. So thankful for God’s promise to grants us wisdom when we ask, without any reproach! 😍


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