Tossed-about Till Totally Transformed

08A9F47E-C47C-49C5-A1DD-A10DCBFC7F33“For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities.  For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 1 Cor 12:10 ESV

Driven by our hearts deepest desired destination, we may be willing to withstand any storm.  Yet, when life tosses us with unexpected twists and turns in directions we don’t like, we can easily become bitter and despise our circumstances or our even our captain.  We must then realize Christ’s power is best displayed only through the perfecting work of trials when we are most vulnerable.  It may not take the pain away; but we can become anchored by that purpose—to glorify Him.

Losing my husband was not something I could have ever imagined prior to sitting in a doctor’s office and seeing the terrified and puzzled look on the doctor’s face one ordinary fall day of 2016.  I wanted to yell at this young lady and tell her she was wrong.  We hoped the test were somehow a mistake.  Yet, our faith in Christ and His loving example on the cross, kept us going strong and even made us graciously able to witness lovingly to the lost around us.  On our own, we make so many blunders.  However, God never makes mistakes in what he allows into our lives.  Moreover, he still uses our mistakes to teach us invaluable lessons in life. When we are out of resources, this draws us to the one who possesses all, knows is all and hold us all in His omnipotent strong arms.   In his commentary, MacArthur puts it frankly, “It is when believers are out of answers, confidence, and strength, with no where else to turn but to God that they are in a position to be most effective.”

Therefore, let us not jump ship or become embittered because of hardships, but embrace them as instruments to showcase God’s redemptive story.  This requires laying our wills down and submitting to His plan for our lives while being in the dark as to what that may entail.  We may never know the plans or reasons why God has allowed our trials.  Even so, we are to be confident in the loving and kind character of God and His promise to produce good from them.  (Romans 8:28) “Focusing all one’s efforts on removing difficulties is not the answer.  Believers need to embrace the trials God allows them to undergo, knowing that those trials reveal their character, humble them, draw them closer to God, and allow Him to display His grace and power in their lives.” MacArthur

Heavenly Father, thou are the only good in us… our strength comes from our weaknesses and your power working  within them.  On our own we are so frail and broken.  Thank you that you mend these shattered pieces and make us whole in Christ.  You are all sufficient and ever present in suffering and trials.  Please forgive us when we seek to remove them, more than we seek your face; or when we start to rely on our own efforts.  Please give us genuine humility and fervent love so that when we are weary we may still steadily run the race with our eyes set on you alone as our prize.  In Jesus’ name.


2 thoughts on “Tossed-about Till Totally Transformed

    1. He is always working for our good even though sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it to us, huh?! That is where our trust and faith grow. I agree—would rather not have pain but heaven will be that much sweeter when our true eternal relief comes in beholding Christ fully. 🌹


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