New Beginnings

8788A708-373F-4F6F-9CFA-CF4CFCBCE48F“He who was sitting on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new.’ Then he said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true” Rev 21:5

The Lord has been so tender in his new mercies every morning and abounding grace to our little family in 2017.  Although the year brought much grief and heartache, at the same time it has given us some of the greatest blessings. It’s a paradox some can’t comprehend. While the peace we have experienced go beyond the realm of human understanding and are truly unbelievable; they should not be of surprise to believers.  Philippians chapter four promises to grant us peace that surpasses all understanding if we ask for it with thanksgiving.  Looking at all God has done in the past and what he promises to do in the future brings us much Hope.  God has overwhelmingly outpoured so much love, truth and provisions during this difficult time how could we not thank Him?

Recently God provided our little family with a beautiful new home! I had been frustrated looking at California real estate.  I’ve got to admit that I’d never had much of a passion to own my own home before.  It was Josh’s dream though.  He had been working hard to save for a down payment on a house.  When my title changed from wife to widow and my new role became ‘head of a household’ with two children, buying a home became a necessity.  After consulting with several wise elders and financial advisers I realized that buying a home was the wises stewardship of the resources God has miraculously provided.  However, when I started searching, I broke down and cried that first day.  It didn’t ‘feel’ right to be looking for a home without my husband.  Plus, we had lived in a four bedroom home with 300 archers all to ourselves in the gorgeous green country of Oregon! The first place I looked at felt more like a tiny two bedroom apartment than a home.  There were things that I felt we’re critical—one was a backyard.   At first, the condos I looked at that I could afford did not want have a yard.  Then, fear of living alone led me to take a break, save more money, and give up searching for a while.  Thus, another important factor was that I wanted to live in an area where we would be safe. However, I still fell short of funds by a small margin for all the places that had those two things that were important for us.   Then, one day the Lord gave me a thought. Why don’t I ask people if hey have a home for sale… I posted the simple question on social media and got one response. A woman said her landlord was selling her home and it had a big yard! She send me her landlords name and it ended up being a couple Josh and I had know for years. We both took time to pray about it.  We were then able to come to an agreement on a price and we both saved money in the escrow process since they had not even placed the home on the market yet. God worked this all in amazing ways!  We’ve also received much of the furniture and appliances we needed for free or near nothing.  The Lord truly takes care of the widow and the fatherless and he uses His body.

Our new church family has come around us in so many ways.  Just one was demonstrated again this weekend as many men stepped up to help our family move all our furniture.  We had my things in three different places and it ended up being a full day endeavor.  The guys were so gracious to stay and help till we were done.  The Downer family we live with have been so kind to us too.  They helped me feed the men and watch the boys during the move.  This wonderful family is always joyfully willing to help with the kids.  The boys and I are truly going to miss them.  As we say goodbye to 2017 there is sorrow yet also anticipation at what the Lord is going to do in 2018.  “Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”  This last year may be filled with bitter-sweet memories and even pain; yet the future for the Christian is one with Hope and joy as we look to Christ and His coming.