LA Trip–Week One

Several people have asked how our trip is going so here’s an update…  It has been a week since our plane landed in LA and it seems like just yesterday! We’ve been able to see many friends and family that we hadn’t seen for months and some we hadn’t seen even for years.  Noah got to attend VBS part of the week at Grace Community Church while I prepared for the memorial and burial. The cemetery was going to charge me $300 for them to obtain a burial permit; I drove to downtown LA myself and paid only $12!

The memorial service went well.  It was a beautiful and God-honoring tribute to Josh! Many of his poems were displayed, recited, and played.  Loved ones read aloud poems dedicated to Josh and the family.  Josh’s best friend & brother-in-law recognized his service in the ministry and presented the Christian flag to us.  Josh’s nephew and niece sang and played the last song they had played for him.  The church was packed! There were 300 plus people in ascendance.  Seven families came out from Arizona, another family from Colorado, a friend from Utah and one of Josh’s friends from his youth band came all the way from Florida! People were there that would otherwise never step foot in a Christian church.  The gospel was presented to everyone to God’s glory and following Josh’s example.  Thank you to Church of the Canyons for the amazing team of friends that put together a wonderful service!

Tomorrow morning at 10AM we honor Josh by burring his ashes at Eternal Valley Memorial Park.  Thank you to Dad and Don Seibert who helped pay part of the costs. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our family fund! God has provided above what we had anticipated! Praise God who provides! We are planning to move back to LA area in the near future. There is an army of support both from family and the church here!  I think God’s direction has been made pretty clear.  Please pray for the transition and wisdom as far as timing.  The boys’ are always heavy on my heart.  Your continued prayers for them are much appreciated too!


3 thoughts on “LA Trip–Week One

  1. Sounds like such a beautiful celebration of Josh’s life! I’m so glad everything is going well for you there. Much love and continued prayers! 💛

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  2. I was so glad to see Noah at VBS. I talked just a moment to him to say hi. He said, “you know my mom?” ” Yes we used to work together in the nursery.” He was interacting with the boys at craft time. It was good. Plan to see you later this day. Love you, Gertrude


  3. Dear Erica, wish we could have been there to share in the love & honor of Josh & you, Noah & Nathan and your families! We are so glad to hear of your army of support. Of course, I know God is the leader of that army! You are his princess warrior, and we love you!


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