Day +6 in Heaven

It has been almost a week since Josh went home to the Lord.  The last couple of days have had their ups and downs.  There have been lots of tears shed, many cries of prayers heard, and cherished memories replayed over and over again.  We are trying to take it day by day, and give us time to process, pray and grieve through many things.  We grieve for the loss of a loving father, godly husband, faithful friend, gentle shepherd, solid pastor, wise teacher, full provider, and sweet daily companion.  We think and talk often about Josh in the heavenly places.  Yet, we also try to enjoy the relationships we still have here on earth, especially with the boys.  I have been blessed to have both my mom and Katelynn with me this week! Thank you, mom, and thank you, Katelynn! I couldn’t do this without you! Also, thank you all who are praying earnestly for us! I can’t do this without God’s grace to sustain me and to give me strong faith, courageous hope, and agape love to pass on to the boys.

Today was a day marked with peace.  Praise the Lord! We all went out to the Portland Zoo for the day.  It was not the same without Josh, but I can say that we enjoyed each other and the beautiful animals God created.  Some of my favorite moments were watching Nathan crawl around the floor and pretend he was an elephant or to watch Noah excited to be able to hold his breath through the long tunnel at the end of the train ride.  We talked about how one day in the new heaven animals like the bear or the lion will be able to play with us and even cuddle. Heaven is a sweet comfort for us.

We are trying to wrap things up here in Portland.  If the Lord wills, we will head south to Grants Pass this weekend to move back home. Home will be a nice place for us to go back to; yet, it will be a sad place to return without Josh.  Then, we will prepare for Josh’s memorial service at Merlin Church on May 20 at 10A.M. It has been a particular challenge to try to plan two memorial services in two different states… nonetheless, we pray fully hope to have the second service take place in Santa Clarita, CA in the next month or two.

There is much to think about and try to take care of.  Many have asked what ways they can help.  I think the best way to help right now is through your faithful prayers, encouragement, and financial support.  We are raising money for our family as I am left as a widow with two young children. We appreciate any help you are able to provide.  I can’t say what the future holds for our little family, but I am comforted to know God who holds it perfectly.