Day +45 & Gray Skies

IMG_0026The swelling from Josh’s neck went down almost completely, which is good news.  However, he still is in a state of delirium either from the sedation at the ICU or from his liver which at this point is continuing to fail.  They say that it should go away over time if we can address his liver failing and the lymphoma.  We don’t know how long it may take–typically its a few days.  Josh’s dad, one of the other nurses and I all thought Josh seemed a little more alert today.  For example, when we called his name, he would turn his face toward us.

Josh’s dad has been an immense help! Today he helped me get my car towed from the OHSU parking garage to the auto shop and back to me within one day!! The chaplain also came by and talked to us.  He’s an evangelical Christian and was very helpful!  I love the social worker at our BMT unit! It’s so good to have someone who knows the hospital so well, genuinely loves to help people, and is trained to take people thought things like this; even better that she loves God.   Also, my mom will be flying in from LA tomorrow evening! Thank you mom! Thank you Dad, Jessica, Ashley and Alex for doing what it takes to free her up so she can be here for us! Even with the aches of our hearts and the many tears, we have much to give thanks to God for and much to press forward for.  Please pray for Josh’s liver, for his delirium, and for him not to suffer.

Due to significant liver problems that have been progressing quickly, they did not start the chemo.  They gave Josh an anti-inflammatory drug tonight.  Tomorrow he will get another dose of Rituxan and Steroids.  Then, we are hoping his doctor will be able to get some t-cells very soon.  We have not heard a “no”, but haven’t heard a “yes” regarding the t-cells yet.  Even, with a “yes” we may need to buy some time since it may take about a week for us to get them.  Hope is not lost at this point so we continue to pray, entrusting ourselves to the Lord’s will whatever that may look like.  God’s Spirit and your prayers are what is sustaining us through this right now!