Day +43

IMG_0024Caption1: Don and the boys with a Katelynn eating a picnic Chick-Fil-A lunch on our yard.

Caption 2: Don napping in the back of Josh’s room and Noah spending time with Papa.

Josh has been moving very much today while in the ICU.  It was alarming to me to come this morning at 6AM and find that Josh had yanked his feeding tube off of his nose.  All day today he has not been calm and he’s needed more sedation; he also has not been able to open his eyes or respond to us.  When Josh’s doctor came in to talk to us, they took his sedation down somewhat, but Josh still was not able to wake up and respond.  He was restless and very uncomfortable.  The doctor did not have any decisions for him to make yet so we decided to spare Josh and turn back up his sedatives.  I’m worried that this ICU experience will give Josh traumatic memories. Of course, the priority is to save his life but please pray Josh would not have trauma, but that he’d hardly remember anything. Please pray that God would protect his mind and give him peaceful dream or to none at all.  The plan for now is to try and get the tube out tomorrow if his swelling does not get worst, which the doctor doesn’t think it should. Then by Tuesday, we should find out whether or not we will have the t-cells and when we can get them.  we hope to know if we have to wait for the t-cells to start a very mild chemo that Dr. Newel got consensus from FA doctors all over the country as the next best thing! Please pray for a successful treatment of his PTLD or lymphoma.

The hardest thing for us as a family has been watching Josh suffer as he is.  Noah was brave to come to see him yesterday, but he doesn’t want to see him like this again.  He asks about when he will be out and home with us.  That is our longing… is to see Josh back home with us soon! I’ve tried playing the audio Bible in Josh’s room to help comfort him.  I’m not sure if he can hear it, but if anything, it has helped minister to us and hopefully others around here in the ICU.  Josh’s dad Don has been sharing with the staff the many ways God has answered our prayers throughout this trial.  It’s a good reminder to me too! Thank you, Don, for being here for Josh, the kids, to help Katelynn and to be there with me!  Don took Noah to stay with him at his hotel and they got to go to the spa, the heated pool and have breakfast there. Nathan has also enjoyed time with Papa while they miss dad being home.  God is teaching us that we must set our eyes on God’s love, sovereignty and all that he has done in the past. Also, all that he’s doing now even though the dark days, we see glorious blessings.  I’m so thankful for all the help Katelynn is to us at home so I can be at the bedside with Josh. It’s easy to be anxious about the many things that are given to Josh at the hospital, but ultimately we need to do our best to be informed and then, trust God with the rest.  Please pray Josh and the family would rest in Christ, who gives us the privilege to be children of God.  It’s easy to think God has forgotten us, yet he cares about our fears, tears, and suffering.


6 thoughts on “Day +43

  1. Words cannot express how heavily we feel for you and your family in this very difficult time, Erica, and family. You are much in our thoughts and prayers. Yours is a brave family and we are blessed by your faith and faithfulness. It is difficult for us to READ about Josh, but how multiple times worse it is for you to see him. God bless you and please be assured of our prayers. Loving hugs to all of you — Katelyn, too.


  2. Abba Father, we come to you asking favor if your son Josh. We lift him to you and ask for healing and for his mind to be focused on you through audio Bible and Worship. Please help him to be comfortable and not to feel pain. We lift Erika to you and pray encouragement over her and strength to get through the dark days. Please give her rest and calmness. Thank you for allowing Kateltnn Sawyer to be there with the boys. We pray for strength encouragement for her as well. Please be with Noah and Nathan during this time. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!


  3. Erika,my sister-in-law went through much trauma in ICU for 3 weeks and thankfully remembers nothing of it. Praying for Josh likewise. ❤️


  4. We are praying so hard for Josh’s recovery and for you and the boys .. I’d love to see them .. I miss all of you beyond words .. Nice pictures of the kids .. where is the water that Josh is by in the picture ?? I use to live in Tualatin .. not far from Portland. I use to paddle and fish on the Tualatin river .. fishing if fun there .. but no one eats anything from there .. It’s a beautiful lazy river though .. ! Love you all.. Jonnie


  5. Dave and I are fervently lifting both Josh and all the family to the Lord. We saw Josh’s dad last weekend and had a nice chat with him when we attended Cowboy Church at the Master’s College. We pray that Josh is healed from all his cancer, and that God will continue to be glorified by all that He has made Josh to be. Blessings to you all.


  6. Harry and i are continually in prayer for all of you ! perfect peace comes only from the Father and that is our prayer for you and Pastor Josh now . I read this this morning and feel it is for all of you. Psalm31 ;14thru 16 But as for me ,I trust in you O Lord I say You are my God , my time is in your hands. Deliver me from the hands of my enemies, and from those who persecute me. Make your face shine upon your servant. Save me for your mercies sake. God bless you all and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you His unconparable peace ! Joy N


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