Day +24

We have confirmed that Noah has the flu… Thankfully no one else in the house seems to have caught it even though it’s likely viral and very contagious.  Praise God for his protection! Poor Noah has been feeling miserable and spent the past two days in bed all day.  His temperature was 101 tonight.  I took him to Urgent Care earlier today to get tested for the flu since I had suspected it. Josh’s nurse suggested he get tested and put on a medication to shorten it.  He did test positive for Influenza B and he got put on the medication.  At home, we have all been working very hard to disinfect areas he touches like the bathroom doorknob and light switch since the flu can be pass through something he touches that then one of us touches and rubs our eyes with.  Noah has been doing surprisingly good at wearing a mask every time he goes out of his room.  Prayers for a speedy recovery for him and for the flu to make an exodus out of our home and far from Josh.

This morning Josh and I did a routine trip to the clinic where he had an infusion of magnetism and they drew some blood.  All his counts looked good–his numbers are as they should be and his platelet count is at a high of 69,000!  This means that Josh is recovering well and his new bone marrow is doing its job! In addition, Josh has no symptoms of GVHD! The nurse told us he’s not in the clear yet.  However, the further away from the day of the transplant the more likely he is not to get it! Please continue to pray against this GVHD.  Also, next week Josh will have another bone marrow aspiration did, which he dreads because they take a drill on his back hip and chip off a piece of his bone as a biopsy.  It hurts! In the past, he hasn’t had any anapestic because he likes to drive home afterward, but this time he might since I’ve been doing the driving, and he is still in one piece! lol.  They will be examining his bone marrow to see if his MDS is gone.  Please pray for the procedure to go smoothly and the MDS to be done away with!


One thought on “Day +24

  1. Sorry to here Noah is sick. We will pray for a quick recovery for him and that Josh will not get anything from him. Praise the Lord for the good numbers for Josh and that he’s doing so well God is definitely answering prayers. Take care of yourself to Erica make sure that you’re getting lots of rest and not overdoing it love you guys you’re in our prayers


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