Day +22


We are so thankful for everyone following our blog and praying for Josh and our little family! The Lord has been so kind to us throughout this bumpy journey. Over the weekend we were spoiled with delicious meals from three lovely ladies that are friends of a friend in Arizona–thank you, Angie, Angela, and Tara! Katelynn got a much-deserved break on Saturday and she saw her uncle and cousin just north a few miles in Washington. Plus, we enjoyed having dad Seibert around to help with the kids and to encourage Josh! However, time with family always seems to run too short.

Sundays are always fun for the kids and I because we get to go to church and hear God’s Word! Thank you, Pastor Jim and Clackamas Bible Church! Josh so wishes he could attend church. In fact, it was the first thing he asked one of the nurses about–whether or not he could go to church. Sadly, she said no–but it’s for his good. There were many people coughing at church, including Noah! It’s STILL the flu season! Not only that but when Noah got home from going to a Portland Pilot’s baseball game with Papa–he came down with a low-grade fever! Noah went to bed early and we are hoping his young strong body fights the infection off without passing it around to others in our home. However, Noah threw up in idle of the night and may have the flu. Josh is only on anti-viral and anti-fungus medications, and his immune system is still low. Your ongoing prayers mean the world to us! God is our Refuge during times or fear and moments like these when stormy winds threatening to undo our little ship. There is much that God has given us that keeps us hopeful! God had been faithful and has provided so much already, including a great donor for Josh! He has been doing so well despite his cold! They usually adjust his GVHD medication twice a week and it’s pretty low at this point, meaning that Josh hasn’t had much of it so far! We praise God!

My dad is working toward recovering but has had some pain. Please keep him in your prayers. His landscape business has taken a big hit with him being gone for two weeks for the surgery and he finds it hard to manage it while on medical restriction. Thanks again for your love and prayers!