Day +20

We’ve been enjoying some calmness during the storm.  So far we’ve not experienced having to rush Josh to the emergency room with a high temperature or an infection. However, he has been still fighting the rhino virus which mainly affects his nose.  He still has a persistent runny nose.  Overall, Josh has continued to do well aside from this lingering cold. His counts are exactly where they should be, other than his magnesium is a little bit low and him needing a magnesium infusion again today.  From now on they will just put him on a high-dose magnesium supplement so he won’t need the two hour infusions.  Josh also gets more fatigued; yet he continues to faithfully take daily walks.  He is also drinking plenty of fluids to try to get rid of the rhino virus.  If his cold doesn’t clear up soon, they will need to put Josh on antibiotics to get rid of it.  This evening he complained of some new symptoms–a slight headache and some mild chest congestion.  In addition, Katelynn woke up with a cough this morning and has been coughing on and off throughout the day.  Early on we decide to have her wear a mask unless she’s in her room and the nurse thinks it’s a good idea.  Katelynn has been doing good at trying to get well and keep her distance. Thank you Katelynn!! We so appreciate all you do to help, even to wear a silly mask. Nathan was so cute; when he first saw her wear a mask, he wanted one too! Ultimately, we really need prayer for all these bugs to be altogether cleared out, and for Josh’s cold not to get worst; but to subside by God’s grace alone, since they are suppressing his immune system to prevent GVHD.

The weather today has been crazy windy here in Portland!  On our way to the clinic this morning about half the street lights didn’t work, a dozen trees branches and a few trees had been thorn down.  Traffic was backed up pretty back and when I had tried to take a side street, it was closed off because of trees and electric wires being tangled together on the ground.  Many people lost power or internet.  In the mists of all of that chaos on the roads all over Portland, Doug Gemmill was able to come visit with Josh briefly and bless our family. Thank you Doug!  Also, Josh’s dad arrived safely from LA by flight last night.  However, he wasn’t able to take the kids out to the zoo as planned.  He took them to the children’s museum instead.  Even though they had been there before with Doug & Linda, the kids still love that place and had fun.  although, poor Nathan got very constipated and they did end up having to come home early because the poor little guy couldn’t even get himself to walk of how bad his tummy hurt.  He has a history of digestive issues and is lactose-intolerant.  Please pray for his digestive issues.  We are thankful to God that he doesn’t have a worst medical condition; but still it hurts to watch children suffer.  I can only imagine how much God mourns by watching to many children in this world suffer.  We must pray for the world we live in, and that many around us would know genuine eternal peace through Christ.  Maranatha!

Thank you all for your friendship through prayer and following our blog.  We love you all in the love of Jesus. Blessings!