Day +16

Having Josh at home is such a sweet blessing.  I’m glad to have my shepherd back and the kids have their rock back–their earthly father! We are glad to be able to enjoy simple things together like sitting in the living room while playing a board game with the family, or going outside for a walk around the neighborhood.  We’ve been going for walks every day–rain or shine.  Today we had the delight of another beautiful sunny day in Portland with a high of 60! Thank you, God!

It has been a little hectic at home lately.  However, we may be starting to get into the new swing of things… with new routines now like making sure Josh gets his meds, a new diet, disinfecting counters, dishes, and food thoroughly, and making sure we flush his chest catheter line down with cleaning solution daily.  I don’t know what we’d do without Katelynn! She has been so instrumental in helping the adjustment go more smoothly.  She is always ready to help with the kids,  meals, dishes, or cleaning.  I admire that God would mold an 18-year-old young lady like herself to be so others-oriented and caring! Thank you Katelynn– you’re a life-saver! Thank you, Rob and Traca for your sacrifice to part with her for this season!

Spring is in the air and all kinds of gorgeous flowers and trees are blooming all around us–our favorite being the cherry blossoms.  Yet, there are still more trees and flowers ready to bloom…  We anticipate the roses blooming in the upcoming months!

Josh has started to bloom as well! Over the weekend his counts increased dramatically! His neutrophils went from about 570 to 3,000 in just the last few days! 3,000 is actually in the normal range!  Although, he still feels very fatigued. His platelets have been down and they were expecting to give him a transfusion; however, overnight they somewhat increased instead of decreasing as predicted so he didn’t need a transfusion after all.  However, we are told it’s not uncommon for him to need one in the near future.  Another reason to thank the Lord is for Josh not experiencing any GVHD! Praise the Lord–who hears our supplications!! Therefore, please keep praying! We Hope and anticipate Josh fully blooming with his new ideal donor cells in the upcoming months! That is our prayer!

The process of growth can be painful sometimes.  It’s still painful to see Josh lose his hair, be weak and not be allowed to attend public places including the church. It’s hard waiting… This is where Knowing God who holds the universe together makes all the difference, and having the love and encouragement from friends and family both near and far! Thank you all!  Our friends Ralf and Chris Detloff visited for a short time and uplifted our spirits! Thanks, Detloffs!

The kids are doing much better with Josh back home with some more stability in place.  Yet, they are kids and it can be stressful at times for Josh.  We are trying to teach Nathan to use his “inside” voice at home.  I can’t believe he will turn three years old next month! Aside from Nathan having growing pains, we are all pretty healthy physically!  Josh may still have the rhinovirus, but if so, it seems like it’s on its way out.  He will get tested for it again tomorrow.  They will also have his labs taken again and the doctor will see him.  As always, we much appreciate your continued prayers!