Josh Comes Home Early!

We had a beautiful day filled with sunshine and joyful beginnings!  Today Josh was discharged from the hospital! His counts were at 570 so they let him go this evening!  Josh got to sleep in his bed and hopefully will get much better-uninterrupted sleep.  The kids were so excited to see Josh! Nathan’s expression when he saw Daddy at the door was too cute–for a moment it looked like he couldn’t believe his eyes, then he jumped out of his chair and ran to him.  Noah walked home a bit later from helping friends with some yard work so he had to clean up before greeting Daddy, but he had a big smile on his face.  We are so happy to have Josh back with us! Yet, we are also cautious about the possible risks of infections and such.  Please pray our family would learn new routines and precautions quickly, and for continued recovery for Josh without too many infections or GVHD.

This morning two kind and lovely ladies from Clackamas Bible Church came prepared to give the house a good Spring cleaning.  They helped me vacuum, mop, scrub and clean all the windows to get all the accumulated dirt and a little bit of mold off.  Katelynn took Nathan out to the park while we cleaned and used all kinds of chemicals in the house. Noah wanted to help as soon as he finished his school work, but by the time he finished, we had done most of it.  I was so blessed with extra hands! Katelynn helped so much throughout the day.  She must have done dishes for at least an hour straight while I cleaned out the fridge and disinfected our kitchen appliances.

Meanwhile, we worked hard at home, Josh was anxiously waiting to come home.  I finally managed to run out to get him around four o clock.  The pharmacist was waiting for me in order to explain all the different medication regime: when to take them, the dosage, and what possible symptoms to look for.  It wasn’t as bad as we were expecting; though I may be preemptively speaking.  One particular medication (the one that prevents GVHD) will continually change in terms of dosage according to Josh’s need.  Others may be dropped or added later on.  They gave us a ginormous weekly pill box which we filled, and it still looks half empty.  They also gave us a nice chart with the medication list and times broken down into four-time intervals.