Day +12

To our pleasant surprise, Josh’s neutrophils count (a type of white blood cells) were at 350 today! They discharge patients when their levels reach 500 or above.  His are expected to hit the 500 level soon–as early as tomorrow! This means that Josh will likely be discharged from the hospital this weekend!  We are thankful to God for the prospect of having Josh home earlier than anticipated! The kids are stoked to see Daddy soon!  At the same time, his new full-time nurse (that would be me) is very busy with all the preparations.  One of the nurses named Kris kindly took her time teaching me some of the ropes.  She brought out a manikin doll and had me clean its dressing.  Then, I ended up cleaning Josh’s dressing with her. After the hospital, I went shopping late tonight for some things we needed for Josh and realized I missed a handful of other items.  By God’s grace, some dear ladies from Clackamas Bible Church are coming over in the morning to help me clean-up/disinfect the house! Please pray for a smooth transition.

Josh still has a nasal cold; however, his doctor said it’s very mild.  Thus, it’s not too much of a concern.  It’s mostly only a discomfort to him and it will just take time to heal.  Meanwhile, at home, Katelynn noticed that Nathan has a back tooth coming out, which could explain why he’s been so fussy lately.  He doesn’t seem to have any other cold-like symptoms other than a runny nose and that’s been getting better.  We’ve been keeping him away from the nursery and not getting too close to other kids that may be sick.  It’s definitely a sacrifice, but kids catch bugs so easily from others.  Almost everything right now is a temporary sacrifice, in order to enjoy a long-term benefit much like the Christian life.  “He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” Matthew 10:39