Day +10

Today was a rough day.  Josh found out he has a nasal cold. Yesterday he felt flu-like symptoms and they took a nasal swab sample to see if he had the flu.  The good news is he doesn’t have the flu, but the bad news is he has a cold.  Josh has been feeling ill but not too bad.  He rested all morning.  Later when he was tired of laying in bed and felt up it, we watched a movie.  He also got to do some short exercises in his room that the physical therapist had recommended.  Then, we listened to The Briefing podcast together with Al Mohler, which we would recommend to all our friends as a good Christian news source.  Josh wasn’t allowed to walk the unit or leave his room since he has a cold.  In addition, they had me wear a gown, gloves and mask the entire time while in the room with him. We are thankful to be in a facility that takes these precautions seriously.  At the same time, he really misses everyone, especially the kids.  He can’t wait to get home. However, he really isn’t feeling up for much visiting.  He kindly asks that no one visit him while he is sick.  On the bright side, he’s been having a great appetite and ate not only one full dinner but a second dinner as well tonight! Please pray for Josh to fight off this cold bug with good rest, sleep and nutrition.  Then he’ll be able to go back out on the floors of the unit and be a light to others around him.

At home, Nathan continues to struggle with a cold too.  Yet, no one else has caught the bug.  Prayers for overall physical health for our entire family (which includes Nanny Katelynn) during this rainy/cold season are much appreciated.  Another thing, please specifically lift up the boys in your prayers–for spiritual protection and emotional well-being too.  The boys got to see Daddy over Face-time again tonight.  It’s a special time for our family to connect.  Josh is trying to tell them a fun Bible story over the phone every night before they go to bed.  He is sleeping better now.  Although, the boys have been fighting their sleep nearly every night.

Thank you all for keeping up with our little family by reading our blog, and for lifting us up before the throne of God in prayer! It means so much to us!  We are trying to take it day by day, but we Hope and anticipate the day when things return to a more normal state… We are told life after transplant will never be the same.  For one thing, I think we will grow to appreciate the ordinary things of life more.


5 thoughts on “Day +10

  1. Over the past month we have been trying to do some bike riding now that running is no longer happening. Not sure this is my sport with the chain coming off twice, two little collisions with a gate & a plantar (mostly bruises-both physical & emotional), & on Monday the back tire went flat! All in the past 3 weeks! I just keep getting back on the bike-like my dad used to tell me.
    We love you guys & thank you for the daily updates. Our prayers 🙏🏼 continue on a daily basis! 😍 Hugs, P & G

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  2. Good morning you dear sweet Seiberts! Praying to the God of Heaven and Earth to have mercy and healing rain down on you all and wash the “bug” completely away. Truly, you will appreciate the ordinary things more, but oh my, how you will appreciate the God of creation so much more…when things get back to normal….or more normal. Love you.

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  3. Erica, reading your blog is like reading a devotional! I always find myself tearing up as we see you and Josh’s faith in God and your implicit trust in Him. What a gift you have for writing! I am also rejoicing you that God has multiplied your family’s ministry through this trial. Reminds me of Paul being pressed out – and the trials he went through — yet his overriding desire was to honor Christ and lift Him up. As you have been doing! Am praying now for Zach as well. Obviously, our prayers will continue for Josh and you and your family. Giving you all a big hug right now! Armida

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