Day +9


We had the delight of having our dear friends Dwight & Elaine from our church in Merlin visit this morning.  They had a nice visit with Josh and brought a big smile to his face!  Afterward, Katelynn and the boys met us by the tram station to wave to Daddy again! Nathan had been talking about wanting to do it again.  He was so excited to see Daddy through his room window, and almost equally as excited to ride the tram again! We all took the scenic sky tram down to a burger place called Little Big Burger where we got these little half-size burgers with a fat patty and an extra helping of fries.  Nathan loved it and devoured every last bite.  Noah, on the other hand, was disappointed.   Something we are all trying to learn is to be thankful even during the disappointments in life… God always truly gives us so much through his grace and mercy.  Sometimes we just don’t count our blessings in life and we miss out on seeing his love and goodness.

One immense blessing for Josh today was to be able to do a Bible study with Zach on John 3 and the new birth.  Zach genuinely wanted to study the Bible with him and it really encouraged Josh to be able to minister to someone in such need.  Zach’s cancer is much more advanced and he may not make it.  They aren’t sure there’s anything they can do for him.  Yet, he can still experience full healing and life eternal no matter what the outcome in this short life.  Josh thinks Zach is in a good place spiritual now.  Please continue to pray for him.  He is supposed to get discharged tomorrow.

Another blessing was that Josh’s doctor told Josh this morning that his numbers are already starting to rise a little!  They went from zero and below to one! This is earlier than expected, which is good! However, along with his numbers picking up comes the risks for Graft Vs. Host Disease (GVHD).  Please pray to God, our creator, to sovereignty direct all of this happening in his body to give Josh full and complete healing. Regardless of what may come our way next, pray for us to all rest in his infinite wisdom and perfect will.