Day +6

Today marks two weeks since Josh was admitted into the hospital! He is encouraged to know he’s at the halfway mark! Although, it could even be sooner if Josh improves quickly and gains at least some degree of his immune system. He is still doing fairly well! He accomplished two miles of walking, a shower and some meals today. A massage therapist came today and asked how Josh was doing, and he couldn’t believe it had already been a week since she last came!  We had asked for massage therapy as a more natural way to relieve pain and for relaxation back when Josh was in overwhelming pain. Thankfully, his pain level has dramatically decreased; yet he still has headaches, fatigue, and discomfort. It’s so nice that OHSU offers massage therapy for their patients. They even do deep tissue massage; only Josh’s body is too sensitive for that right now. The therapist is a sweet Irish woman in her 50’s and it was fun getting to know her and some of the history of Ireland from a native’s perspective. Sadly, political injustice has tainted her view of the Protestant church.

We also got to see Dr. Dao today, who was the first voice we heard from OHSU back in November when they were trying to get Josh in the door.  His hematologist suspected he had FA and the urgency in which he needed to be seen. However, at that time we didn’t have insurance covering any of his medical bills since his condition was considered pre-existing with the Christian sharing network we had.  We had already received a $12,000 bill for simply one bone marrow aspiration and the myriads of test they ran on it.  Plus, Josh felt fine and they suggested hospitalizing him at that time only to run inpatient tests and try to apply for emergency financial assistance after we got the hospital bill, so we prayerful and politely declined.  The social worker and doctor team got on top of things to try to get some financial aid to help Josh be seen by Dr. Dao, and later helped us figure out how to get insurance that would cover the bone marrow transplant she had recommended ASAP! We’ve had the opportunity to meet the social worker behind the scenes that also helped get Josh to the hospital and she is a believer! It’s amazing to see God’s hand over all of this every step of the way! He has provided above and beyond, and still doesn’t cease to amaze us with his love and provision.

The kids and Katelynn had much fun at the Children’s museum with Doug and Linda. They are wonderful with kids and their love for the Lord shows in their kindness to our family! Thank you Doug and thank you Linda! Katelynn is so creative she made an impressive birdhouse out of craft materials like CD cases and scraps at the museum and plans to set it outside by our kitchen window.  We are looking forward to Springtime here in Portland!  We can’t wait till the flowers and roses fully bloom! Even more so, we can’t wait till Josh is able to bloom and get outside of those hospital walls and join our family again.  Even though he will remain in isolation for a time at our temporary home here, it will be good to get him out and enjoy God’s creation with all five of his senses. This city is beautiful even with all the rain and gray clouds.  We got to see a beautiful rainbow in the skies today that reminds us of God’s mercy and faithfulness.  Pray for Portland… it is surrounded by God’s beauty and yet there are so many broken people who so desperately need him.


One thought on “Day +6

  1. We are thrilled Josh is doing so well. Praise the Lord! Our prayers continue to be with all of you. Erika, I want to compliment you on your fine writing skills. We’re all impressed with your abilities. Thank you for keeping us informed in this trying time. Looking forward to Josh’s complete recovery and your return home.


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