Day +4

Time is starting to feel like its passing more quickly now for Josh during the day.  He had a visitor this morning from Clackamas Bible Church here in Portland.  Pastor Ken came in to see Josh at the same time that I arrived at the hospital.  As I was explaining to Pastor Ken how to gown up and get masked in order to enter Josh’s room, his nurse told us he was up and walking around doing laps already at 11a.m!  The two comrads enjoyed a long and stimulating conversation on pastoral ministry and such.  Josh was really engaged and alert the whole time. It wasn’t till the very end, that he finally told us he was ready for a nap.

One of my favorite things to do at the hospital has been walking.  I delight in walking with Josh and in encouraging him to do as many laps as he can without overdoing it.   We sometimes get to walk with friends visiting and other times we get to meet new people on the unit. I’ve been running into a nice lady named Janet and getting to know her. Today, Josh and I both got to talk and pray for her and her husband Phil who just had a transplant done too. We sat to rest in the lounge area together and talked for quite some time, then each of us went back to walking our laps and passing each other in the hallway.  On and off Josh walked a total of 14 laps today, which is over a mile!  He definitely had more energy today!  Yet, he’s also getting in some food and rest.  Nights continue to be a struggles Josh needs continued prayer over,but he says they are getting better.

During the times that Josh naps, I also enjoy walking on the thread-mill and listening to music in the family lounge that has an amazing view of the city.  It’s a little way I try to take care of my own body so I can care for Josh and the boys.  Katelynn has been an enormous help already!! I can’t believe all she does for an 18-year old young woman! I think she is going to be an amazing wife and mother one day. Nathan keeps calling her his “Annie” instead of nanny–it’s too cute!  My prayer for her is for God to help her maintain stamina, have fun with the kids and make friends her age, as well as for Him to grow and bless her well above her years.

We appreciate all the messages, cards, gifts, love and prayers from all our dear friends!  It makes such a difference to walk this difficult journey with others.  Thank you for sharing the load of this trial and lifting some of the weight off our shoulders! God bless!



7 thoughts on “Day +4

  1. We love the updates every evening and are very encouraged by Josh’s progress. We are praying 🙏🏼 for all of you. So glad you are keeping yourselves healthy & walking. 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏽
    Love & Hugs, G & P


  2. We are praying for josh and all of you! I have included you in my bible study prayer group too! I appreciate the effort you put into writing this blog every day, you do such a great job!
    God Bless, love you all!
    Esther Motdoch

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  3. thanks so much for your updates and your attitude of peace, you are a blessing to all who know your family. our prayers are with you and for God’s peace. please give josh a big hug and tell him how much we love him.
    chip + karen kettering


  4. Wow! It’s like a fresh breeze of God’s divine favor blowing gently over you, (and those of us in the “prayer room” of our hearts) to hear of this sweet respite from the so very difficult time. (Tho, I recognize it is still very difficult) What a precious Savior!!! Thanks again for the update.Jan


  5. My prayers are with you, Josh and family. I am inspired by your commitment to share God with others throughout this journey. Thank you for sharing all of this with us.


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