Day +3

We had the delight of much company this morning!  First, our friend Peter stopped in while his wife Margo was getting some lab work done. He is always an encouragement to our hearts. He prayed for us and shared a joke and we shared some laughs together!  Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to see us; and thank you, Margo, for lending him to us for a few minutes! Please pray for Margo as she continues to battle cancer. Then, our dear friends from our church back home in Merlin came to visit. Thanks for visiting Martin and Catherine! Josh shared with all of us how he has been motivated to persevere by watching salmon on a video swimming upstream.  He said he feels like a salmon pushing against the current upstream in order to live and give others life  Despite all the difficulty, he pushes forward with a purpose that he would live and get back to Merlin Church to share the Word that gives life to all.  It’s refreshing to see him acting more like himself now.  I was also glad to see Josh using the iPad to watch a beautiful documentary on creation.  It was so awesome to watch different landmarks and exotic animals. Josh kept remarking on how incredible it is for anyone to not believe there is a God after seeing his handiwork displayed in creation.  The distractions help get his mind off the pain and discomfort while hopefully helping to pass the time faster too.

Meanwhile, Katelynn drove the kids to OHSU and met up with Martin & Catherine down on the 9th floor, which ironically is actually the main floor of the hospital (it was built on a hill) Her and the kids got to wave hello to Josh and I above them, from below by the tram station. We had cut out some large hearts on bright red construction paper to distinguish Josh window from the array of other windows along the hospital building wall.  They all quickly spotted Josh on the 14th floor, and he started dancing like a monkey.  Afterward, they took the kids and Kate out for lunch and grabbed a box of donuts.  On their way back from the tram they got to “see” Daddy from the window once more.  It was hard for Josh to see the kids from far away and not be able to hold them, but it was really good for the kids to get to see him. Noah asked why he couldn’t see Daddy in person.  We decided that if he stays healthy he may be able to go up and see him without Nathan who sadly still has a runny nose.  The kids had a great day the rest of the day!

Overall, Josh did so much better today! He walked a mile, took a shower (this itself is a mission for BMT patients), ate throughout the day, and even wrote a song/ poem of thanksgiving to the Lord!…

“God of all strength, God of all might, you hold on tight

You never give up on any one of our souls

In the tempest of life, you’re still in control

Cause you’re the unchaining God, in an ever-changing world

You are the fountain of youth, our very lives you restore

You are the anchor of our souls and the steadfast rigging of our hearts

Jesus, you are the moorings of my soul ”

Written by Josh Seibert on March 21, 2017


2 thoughts on “Day +3

  1. I love his poem❤️ And that the kiddos got to wave to their daddy! Erika please tell Josh what a sweet encouragement he is to us, his love for Christ and faith in God is shining through this stormy trial. We love you both and are Praising the Lord for His Kindness today and His Mighty hand that is sustaining your precious family.


  2. Gods blessings on all of you … Erika .. thank you so much for keeping us in touch of the day by day progress … I love you all and miss you so much .. Josh .. Keep swimming .. we can not wait to be reunited with you and get back to learning. Jonnie


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