Day +2

Today I found Josh doing much better! Even though he still feels lousy; his spirit is up! He said, “I still don’t feel good, but God has been very kind to me.”  The nurse he had today was one he had in the beginning, back when he had some energy.  He and I had the opportunity to have a long theologically conversation with her and shared about our hope in Christ.  She had enjoyed it as she remarked how she enjoyed talked about philosophical things. She remembered our conversation and in her effort to cheer Josh up today; she felt compelled to pray for him even though she is not religious.  She seemed to have noticed that when Josh is able to minister to others it really helps lift his spirit so she wanted him to be able to do that. Moreover, she wanted to help Josh by letting him help her.  It’s interesting yesterday at church the pastor here in Clackamas taught on John 4 where Jesus is vulnerable and thirsty so he asks the Samaritan women for a drink to later give her the living water of eternal life. The pastor mentioned how sometimes we need to be humble and vulnerable in order to gain inroads into sharing the good news of Jesus with others.  Well in a way, that is what God may be doing though Josh’s weak and dark hours.  We will get to have her as Josh’s nurse again two more days this week.  It’s been nice to get to build relationships with different nurses, especially if we get them again. Please pray for the salvation of those around us.

The other thing that really encouraged Josh today was getting a visit from a man named Doug, whom we met through an old friend of mine names Miho from LA. Doug and his wife Linda live the in Portland area and have been convicted to help our family. Doug felt led to visit Josh and encourage his heart. He read some Scripture aloud, and then read from one of both of their favorite author’s–Johnathan Edwards! Josh said Dough has a very good bedside personality. He was blessed by his short visit.  For the most part, Josh has not felt well enough to get many visitors. However, he also needs the encouragement from time to time.  Visits are easier for him than phone calls. As long as the visitor is healthy and flexible, it’s really therapeutic for him. If you’d like to visit, please check with me prior to coming through.

Josh got himself to do five laps today and ate some oats, a cup of chicken noodle soup apples with peanut butter and some pudding!  Thank you all for your faithfulness and fervent prayers! Today Josh’s white blood cells counts are at the zero point, so please pray for him to stay healthy for his body to regain strength.

The kids are doing well. However, Nathan seems to be possibly fighting something. His nose was a bit runny–clear mucus only, but then it cleared up. The kids have not been doing visits with Josh anymore, just to play it safe. So prayers needed for them with the emotional toll of not being able to see Daddy and vice-versa.  Noah at times just gets upset that he cant see Josh, and Nathan sometimes doesn’t understand. Today, Nathan asked where Daddy was. I told him Daddy was in the hospital, and he said, “No, he’s not!” So I ended up showing him some pictures from a few days ago.  He spends a long time looking through the pictures and then seemed satisfied. We are working on trying to Face-time or Skype again soon.  We are all at some level experiencing a loss. Josh feels like he’s lost his way of life, for the time being, in return for one of suffering and isolation.  I feel like I have in some capacity lost my husband.  Most times I don’t give it much thought.  Other times if I get lost about town or someone on the city street yells at me, it won’t take much for me just to break down and cry. The kids must feel the same way.  It’s a very difficult trial we are going through. Your prayers, love, and encouragement are much appreciated! Thanks!