Day -2 till Transplant!

imageThe countdown till Josh’s bone marrow transplant is winding down and the day is quickly approaching! Friday, March 17th, Josh will receive new bone marrow from an unrelated donor age 23 who is a nearly a perfect match. The Lord has been very kind in his provisions, love, and support through his people.  Yet, the suffering and pain are very real and raw. It’s something that Josh is enduring with much grace. It’s something our entire family is experiencing in different ways.  Please pray for our whole family and for Katelynn, our volunteer live-in nanny.  This is the most difficult thing our family has ever gone through… pray especially for our children throughout this trial, that they would know that God is good and loves them and that they would love Jesus more than ever.

Refreshingly, today Josh did better–his temperature and blood pressure were normal and he hasn’t needed oxygen again Praise God! His new missionary and pastor friend Peter came in and visited us and blessed us with the reading of scripture and prayer.  We got to walk around the unit together with a number of times, laughed together, cried together, and even got to pray for another couple going through similar circumstances with a father of 4-year-old daughter having a transplant soon.  We hope to have been used to plant seeds for salvation and that we form a relationship with them for the next couple of weeks that Josh and he will be staying in the hospital.  It’s almost an instant bond to share in the same sufferings. In a like manner, is our relationship with Christ. He suffered so much more and he did nothing to deserve it.  When we suffer for our obedience to His will, we suffer like Jesus did on the cross. When we suffer the consequences over sin, we suffer like Jesus–only he never sinned but suffered over OUR sins! When we suffer watching others we love suffer, so does God as he watches all the pain and death that was caused by the fall.  Thankfully, it doesn’t end there though… our bond with Christ takes us into a beautiful eternal destination… a place where pain and sin and death is no more and where we will share in his joy forever.

Please pray for my dad Servando-he will have surgery for prostate cancer tomorrow–March 16th. Even though his surgery is minor compared to Josh’s treatment, it’s still scary and like everything comes with risks. Pray for everything to go smoothly and for peace that would clearly be from Christ. I wish I could be there to encourage him on and pray for him in person.

I really enjoy keeping Josh company and being at his side. I hope that I will stay well enough to visit him daily.  I’m thankful for the time I get to be with my beloved.  Also happening tomorrow morning March 16th–Josh will be undergoing a mild treatment of radiation. Even though his chemo is now over, he may still experience some more symptoms including his hair falling out. We were encouraged to find our Josh will be able to receive massage therapy from his hospital room to alleviate some of his symptoms. Please pray for both the radiation and the effects of the chemo. At the same time, pray that Josh would be encouraged and have faith that God can use even some gnarly drugs to bring about a wonderful cure and grant him more years of life to come. We take comfort in knowing God is present, that he abundantly loves and watches over us, and is powerfully answering prayers for Josh according to his good and perfect will.



9 thoughts on “Day -2 till Transplant!

  1. Our love and prayers are with you. It is exciting that tomorrow is the big day. I hate seeing Josh going through all this pain but in the end it will make him better. Praying for peace and comfort as you go through this procedure and may you heal quickly. Blessings to you all.


  2. Erika, your blog encourages me knowing that you are standing strong in your clinging to Him. I can only imagine your emotional roller coaster for both of you, and even the boys, but God will sustain. The emotions help us go through things also, so tears are good. Praying on for you and family including your dad. Gertrude


  3. Again. this blog connects in such a wonderful way. We had a meeting with the 5 local pastors (and me) as we do each Thursday AM. in preparation for the Easter pageant Today we prayed for Josh and you all, and it was neat to be reminded that Josh had the privilege of portraying Jesus several years back, and this year his nephew, Kyle,will be portraying the same part, as did his other uncle Josh, (Joel’s brother) in the first 3 years we were doing the presentation. It is such a neat connection. Evidence of the power of prayer and God’s moving is so clear. Love to all! Jan


  4. Praying for you all daily and for the surgical staff that work with Josh. I can’t imagine what you are going through and yet you are so elequantly describing what is happening, Erika. God bless you through thiese trying times.


  5. Praying for you guys and spreading the word so Josh can continue to share The Word. So glad to hear about his bright spirit and new hospital ministry even if not as planned.


  6. Lifting you all in prayer. Our God is loving, faithful and ever present. I pray His peace rests on you all in this trying time.


  7. Erica, your attitude and observations humble and bless me. I am confident that our wonderful Lord is multiplying His grace to many who are reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing. Be assured of our prayers. God bless you.


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