Admission into OHSU

Josh was admitted into the hospital tonight! I think we are all in a bit of a shock right now. Even though we knew it was inevitably coming, now it has become reality. Upon departure from our little home-away-from-home, Nathan cried when Josh said goodbye –he wanted to go with daddy. Watching him cry made me want to cry.  Yet, I have to be a strong example.  When I got back Katelynn said he stopped crying a couple minutes after we had left. Thank you Katelynn for having such a heart for the boys and remaining grounded. You are like a rock to them–it’s so good for them to have that love and stability!

The hospital unit where Josh will be staying and quarantined for the next four weeks is highly monitored for infectious control. Since I plan to visit daily, I must now wear a mask everywhere I go.  Yet, it is a small sacrifice in comparison;  Josh has to get used to putting on a mask and gown to simply walk out in the hall. Please pray for him to be at peace in his new ‘foreign’ environment. His room is very nice as far as hospitals are concerned. Plus, Josh says they’ve got the best ice–he loves his ice and cranberry juice! He still has a sense of humor too! He makes the staff laugh at his silly remarks and funny jokes. Josh is very social! I’m sure he with end up with lots of friends! He got to pray for the guy who delivered dinner to his room tonight! The main thing the staff wanted to do tonight was to get some hydration in preparation for tomorrow…Chemo treatment starts for Josh tomorrow morning! 😬 Please pray for Josh as he endures the next 4-5 days of chemo ahead. The nurse staff assured Josh of being able to anticipate and relieve most of the awful symptoms associated with chemo with medications.  Prayers coveted for Josh to remain steadfast and to be a light that would lead others to Christ!


One thought on “Admission into OHSU

  1. Blessings to all of you in the next phase of treatment. Our prayers are with you and our church is praying also. It is amazing how Josh is touching people every where he goes in the midst of his trials. God is with you and so are all the prayers of all who love you so much. Sending lots of love to both of you.
    Love, Gerry and Kathy


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