Quick Update on Donor Search

Prayer update and request:

Praise God for his amazing provision throughout this difficult trail! God has been very kind to us and has been answering prayer!

The donor search has been narrowed down from 15,000 potential matches to two potential matches!  Prayers appreciated for the Lord’s hand and leading in the final steps of this process. I spoke with the lady in charge of Josh’s donor search and asked if either of these were “good” matches. She said both seem to be perfect matches but they need to be confirmed/tested.  They will be tested today and we should get results within 3-5 days. We pray for God to give wisdom to the staff at OHSU to pick the best donor.  Also, please pray for the individuals wherever he or she us–for his or her stem cells to be healthy and that God would use this not only to bless Josh and our family by saving his life; but also to bless the donor. We hope to meet the person one day and thank him or her.  It could be someone from another part of the world! We are thankful for good news! We also continue to pray that Josh’s blood counts will NOT drop any lower as they are already very low.  If Josh needs a blood transfusion prior to his transplant it could negatively impact the outcome of the transplant.

We are so thankful for your love, prayers, and support! We really appreciate you lifting us up before God in prayer.




One thought on “Quick Update on Donor Search

  1. We know that God will use all of you mightily throughout this experience. Our thoughts & prayers are with you daily. We love you & your family!
    Gene & Pam 🙏🏼


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