Praising God for Sunshine!

Today was a beautiful day full of warm surprises! The boys and Erika enjoyed some time out in the sun, and we hadn’t seen it this warm since summer! It was almost 60 degrees and the sky was radiant (Psalm 19)!

This afternoon we got good news that part of Josh’s bone marrow results came back showing no increase in blast counts (abnormal cells)! This means that they are stable and not progressing! We still wait for the second part of the results which will tell the doctors what is happening with Josh’s mutated chromosomes, which we understand has to do with how his genetic disease (Fanconi Anemia) is affecting his MDS or bone marrow failure. Our sweet nurse coordinator Lisa said we would need to wait till next week to find out this second piece of the results puzzle. She has also said we’d need to wait till next week to find out the search results for Josh’s HLA typing, to see how many potential donor matches he has. Then later tonight she sent us an email stating excitingly that they got those results back and found about 15,000 potential matches!!!!! This is huge!! GOD IS SO GRACIOUS and KIND! We were told it could take months to find one potential match! When we found out the news we were moved to tears–somewhat with fear but mostly with joy!

Thank you for praying for God’s sustaining grace, and sharing in the joy of our thanksgiving to the Lord…for his mercies are new every morning!

As we end the day, while hearing frogs jumping about in our backyard, our hearts are overfilled with gladness.

“The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech and night to night reveals knowledge.” Psalms 19:1-2


3 thoughts on “Praising God for Sunshine!

  1. God is so gracious and merciful. He hears ours prayers …and answers them. What an awesome blessing to have so many donors. God is truly at your side love you u Tim and a cheryl


  2. Thanks for sharing sis! Makes me feel closer to you guys, I know it’s hard to go through all this, don’t want to stress you out more by frequently asking you for updates, this will help a lot! Love you guys, be strong! We’re all here for you, we can get through this!


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