Dad’s Cancer

The Sandoval family just got the news that Servando has prostate cancer.  I’ve been overcome with sadness over my dad.  Yet, the family is hopeful that his cancer may be in the beginning stages.  If that’s the case, surgery would likely be effective and less risky of a treatment than Josh’s bone marrow transplant.

It can be overwhelming to have one family member with cancer, let alone two! It may seem like our world of is falling apart with not many left healthy or strong enough to carry the burden. The truth, however, is that God’s Word promises us that Jesus carries our heaviest burdens and gives us the strength to do all things through Him who gives us strength.  Besides, God IS still Sovereign over the entire world, and over our little family. We have to constantly remind ourselves of the truth that God loves my family and my children so much–even more than I possibly can.


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