First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Our journey as a family through this difficult trial has merely begun… We have come to terms with the reality of what’s going on. At first, we had hoped Josh’s diagnoses was just a mistake. Then, every time we got news from a doctor it seemed to get worst and to confirm the gravity of his disease. The first few days we just sobbed together. When we told our closest friends and loved ones and they cried with us.

Later, we broke the news to many more–our church, extended family, the Facebook world.  I began hours and hours of research on Josh’s disease and possible treatments.  As more people found out, we sensed people were praying for us. We were encouraged by others and received supernatural peace despite the seeming hopelessness in out circumstance.  Plus, Josh has a wonderful sense of humor that can lighten the gloom.  He even jokes and sings hymns about his own death! At that point, I tell him to stop.

As suggested by friends and family, I created a funding site.  I shared in on Facebook to see how others would respond.  To our astonishment, within days thousands of dollars were donated and past medical bills paid.  This was so encouraging!  It helped lift the financial burden off of Josh.  The day of our first appointment with the transplant team, we met a sweet Christian lady who offered us 3-4 bedrooms to use at no cost and to share her home with us. As we begin planning for the unknown future, we believe that God will continue to provide for all our needs including things out of our control like a ‘perfect match’ donor. Now, more than ever though we will need to cling to Jesus and trust him with every detail and to hold us close with every step we take ahead.


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